Continual coverage of the trial of Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

2:40 p.m. Prosecution rests; closings onTuesday

Prosecutors have rested their case and Judge Edward Burmila said closing arguments will be Tuesday, after the holiday weekend.

Attorneys on Friday will hammer out instructions for the jury before it deliberates.

 2 p.m. Prosecutors bring back pathologist

Prosecutors re-called forensic pathologist Dr. Mary Case, a specialist in neuropathology, to the stand. They are seeking to rebut a defense witness who testified Kathleen Savio could have suffered a diffuse brain injury that would have left no signs at autopsy.

Case testified that a diffuse axonal injury could not have happened in Savio's case.

"I disagree because we do not see diffuse axonal injury outside of very significant trauma — motor vehicle accidents, falls greater than 15 to 20 feet," she said.

Defense attorney Darryl Goldberg is questioning Case about her fees, which are more than $8,500. Case said she charges $350 an hour to review government cases and $650 an hour in other cases.

12:15 p.m. Pathologisttestified for O.J., Burge

As he wrapped up his cross examination, defense attorney Ralph Meczyk tried to tie pathologist Michael Baden to both O.J. Simpson and disgraced former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge.

Meczyk testified as a defense witness in both cases.

"And Jon Burge was accused of torturing innocent victims," Meczyk said, talking loudly over the repeated objections of prosecutors.

"Mr. Meczyk, stop," Judge Edward Burmila said.

"I have nothing further," Meczyk said.

Baden was excused as a witness and the trial recessed for lunch until 1:15 p.m.

11:30 a.m. Judge inquires about 'Girls Gone Wild'