General manager Jed Hoyer talks about the state of the Cubs before Monday's game.

I have been a Cubs fan since 1948, so I have seen some poor baseball. However, it is time to release Marmol for the Cubs' good and also for his own good. Bill A., Newburgh, Ind.
I don’t really see that happening, at least not until they exhaust all possibilities of trading Marmol. It would be a hard sell, of course, since Marmol has a 5.68 ERA and 1.816 WHIP, averaging a career high 8.5 walks per nine innings. Believe it or not, Dan Haren, the former Angels’ starter the Cubs were going to acquire for Marmol last November, is 3-3 for the Nats with a 5.01 ERA and 1.454 WHIP. The Cubs would’ve had to pay Haren’s $15.5 million option and also part of Marmol’s $9.8 million, so actually they came out better off, financially speaking, for pulling back on the deal at the last minute. 
Been a Cubs fan since 1952. In those 60 years the team has had only 17 winning season records.  I keep hearing Cubs management referring to the team starting to play baseball the "Cubs Way." As someone who's been covering the Cubs for so many years, what do you think that means? Paul C., Niles
It’s code for “Wait till 2015.”
We keep hearing about how the Cubs need the renovations of Wrigley to improve the club. Really? How come the Cardinals, Reds and Brewers spend less money and win more? Habib, Geneva, Ill.
The Cubs needed lights to improve the club in the 1980s. They needed bleacher expansion, the Captain Morgan Club, the Toyota sign and the Noodle to improve the club in the 2000s. The simple answer is that whenever the Cubs want to increase revenues, they insist they need the changes to win. It’s time proven.
I know the PCL is considered by most analysts to be an "extreme hitters" league. Do you think that has anything to do with the titanic struggles of promising Cubs prospects once they get to Wrigley? Do you think Theo has any plan to switch leagues in order to get a better sense of the Cubs' minor leaguers' true ability? Tom S., Westport, Conn.
Anthony Rizzo played in the PCL and he seems to be OK. I don’t really think a player’s major league career is affected by which Triple-A league he plays in, and I don’t expect Theo to ask to switch leagues. 
When the Cubs talk about the future, and they discuss who they want to build the club around, why is Darwin Barney never mentioned? Barry, Carmel, Ind.
Just a hunch, but I believe his .304 career on-base percentage may have something to do with that. Barney is a great fielder, but has yet to establish himself as a major league hitter. If he can do that, he will be part of the so-called “core.”