Spring romance reviews
A Lot Like Love
By Julie James
Berkley Sensation, $7.99

Jordan Rhodes would do almost anything for her brother Kyle. So when the FBI offers to release Kyle from prison if Jordan agrees to bring an undercover FBI agent along with her to Chicago-based restaurateur Xander Eckhart's invitation-only wine tasting party, Jordan doesn't hesitate a minute. Of course if Jordan had known her "date" would be the annoyingly sexy (or perhaps just annoying) Nick McCall, Jordan might not have been quite so quick to say yes. Fueled by equal measures of seductive wit, edge-of-the-seat suspense and scorching hot sexual chemistry, James' latest scintillating novel of romantic suspense is a rare treat.

Never a Gentleman
By Eileen Dreyer
Warner Forever, $7.99

After being caught in a compromising situation, Diccan Hilliard knows that if he doesn't marry Grace Fairchild, she will be ruined. Yet marrying Grace could very well entangle her in a dangerous plot with which Diccan has become involved. The one thing Diccan doesn't take into account is that Grace herself might want a say in the matter! Dreyer's impeccably crafted historical romance has it all: richly nuanced characters, graceful writing seasoned with a wicked sense of humor, and a deeply emotional story spiced with an irresistible dash of dangerous intrigue.

By Rainbow Rowell
Dutton, $25.95

After breaking up with his girlfriend Sam in college, Lincoln O'Neill never thought he would find true love again until he starts working at The Courier. Hired to monitor the newspaper employees' email, Lincoln finds himself reading (and re-reading) the notes exchanged between film critic Beth Fremont and her friend copy-editor Jennifer Scribner-Snyder. Lincoln knows he is falling in love with Beth but there are two problems: Beth already has a boyfriend and how can Lincoln tell Beth that he fell in love with her by reading her personal emails? Perfectly mixing sweet romance with deliciously tart wit, Rowell's literary debut is a complete charmer.

It Happened One Season
By Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, and Candice Hern
Avon, $7.99

Four romance writers take the same initial story idea - a hero who has returned home from the war and must marry and a heroine who has yet to find a suitor - and spin four different yet equally entertaining tales of love. In Lauren's danger-spiced, sensually-charged "The Seduction of Sebastian Trantor," Sebastian Trantor and Tabitha Makepeace find themselves falling in love while trying to discover who is blackmailing recently engaged ladies. In Balogh's elegantly written "Only Love," Cleo Pritchard has resigned herself to a life without love until she meets Jack Gilchrist. Alec Trentwell intends on keeping his promise to Penelope Markham's brother but the result is something neither one expects in D'Alessandro's irresistibly entertaining "Hope Springs Eternal." And Hern adds a nice dash of both sweet emotion and clever wit to her story of two social misfits - Nathaniel Beckwith and Philippa Reynolds, who find happiness together in "Fate Strikes a Bargain."

Goodnight Tweetheart
By Teresa Medeiros
Gallery Books, $15.00