Reader Q&A: Mark Gonzales' White Sox mailbag
I expect Rios to play more in left field, with De Aza starting in center because he's currently a better defensive outfielder than Rios.

Why were the Sox able to sign Danks for pretty much the same deal Buehrle got with Miami? Would have more sense to keep Buehrle and ship Danks elsewhere. -- L. Jones, Chicago

The Sox weren't going to give a five-year, $65 million contract or a four-year, $58 million deal to a 32-year-old left-hander, no matter how successful or healthy he was.

Many of the moves that Williams has made can be understood, either in terms of finances, getting rid of under-performing players, or hopes for the incoming players, and also rarely to get rid of a player who doesn't fit in/has angered the hieracrhy (i.e. Jon Raunch). The move for which I still haven't heard a good explanation was trading Santos to the Blue Jays. Do you have any info on the mindset of Kenny on that one? I'm really looking for insight into Kenny's mind on this trade. -- Ron Reichman

Dr. Reichman, I hope you heal quickly from surgery and are able to get back on the links soon.

Santos was a terrific person and did whatever was asked of him. His parents raised him well, and he will be missed by his teammates.

Nestor Molina is highly valued, and the Sox love his upside, especially since he hasn't pitched that long since moving from third base. Sergio didn't have the greatest second half, so I'm curious to see how he performs in a highly competitive AL East.

What are the chances/odds of Scott Olsen making the team out of spring training? -- Jason Ellis, Zion

Olsen isn't in major league camp, and he'll have to show he's healthy before he's seriously considered for a major league job.

Tell me why the White Sox would even be considering Thornton as closer. He lacks an out-pitch and relies too heavily on the fastball. He's great for his seventh and eighth inning roles but his stuff does not intimidate you. I'd much rather leave the role to Reed. It's worked for guys like Bobby Jenks and Santos in past years. He has the closer pedigree and closed out high profile games in college for Stephen Strasburg. -- Vince; Atlanta, Ga.

Matt has more experience than any of the other candidates. But I'm in agreement with you that Reed should be given a chance. I'm of the belief that many times it's better to keep relievers in the roles they're most successful at. They did this with Linebrink, and we saw him struggle during the brief time he attempted to take over for Jenks in 2008.