Mark Gonzales' White Sox mailbag

Ozzie Guillen with assistant GM Rick Hahn and GM Kenny Williams. (David Banks / Getty photo)

What do you think -- will GM Kenny Williams get fired after this season? -- Steve M., Chicago

I think everything is under evaluation. The Sox certainly haven't received their money's worth for a payroll over $126 million, but the chairman is a very loyal boss. The Toronto trade that saved more than $9 million and brought back Zach Stewart was a solid move for the future, but the future is now.

A staff member repeated the famous line that ''winning takes care of everything.''

Where do you rank Kenny Williams on the list of baseball's GM's? Despite the recent stumblings of Alex Rios and Adam Dunn, Rios did have a good year last year. He also brought us Alexei Ramirez, Carlos Quentin, Gavin Floyd, John Danks, kept Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski in Sox uniforms (a very underrated decision I think) and has built up one of the best rotations in the AL. Sure he's had some misses, but surely Williams is still amongst the best GM's in the game, right? -- Tom C; Columbia, Mo.

Interesting question, since an agent usually emails me annually in the dead of winter to rank the GMs, 1-30, and we compare our rankings. I don't have the exact list from last January, but I believe had KW listed somewhere between 16-20, a significant drop from past years. The agent had KW ranked higher, but I believe the agent had a bigger agenda with some of the other GMs.

Some would argue with you about the retaining of Pierzynski, saying his return had more to do with the chairman's involvement, and others would say that it was a bad decision because of the ineffectiveness of shutting down the opponents' running game and his penchant for swinging at the first pitches and not working deep counts.

Many outside the organization admire KW for aiming for the division title and beyond every year.

When will Ken Williams make good on his promise to "accept responsibility" for this train wreck? Jake Peavy can't back up his talk, Dunn can't hit anymore and Rios seems disinterested in fielding, hitting and baserunning. All three are KW's costly blunders. Will he have the grace to resign or will he be fired? -- John; Albany, Calif.

"The size of the contract is not Ozzie's problem. It's not Jerry's problems. It's not the coaches' problems. That's my problem."

"Have the best players play. Give us the best opportunity to win. Throw the contracts and salaries aside. If we've got $20 or 30 million sitting on the bench, then that's a Kenny Williams problem."

Those words came from KW after Alejandro De Aza was promoted on July 27. I'd say there's plenty of responsibility in those comments.

What do you think of the Cubs firing their GM? They think he made some bad deals. Look at Williams' deals -- Mark Kotsay, Mark Teahen, Peavy, Dunn, Rios and Nick Swisher. That's a great resume, isn't it? Oh and don't forget keeping Greg Walker around. Another great move. -- Ted Cee, Las Vegas

I think the Cubs should have made sweeping changes after 2006 instead of making the manager at that time their scapegoat. But there certainly was a plan to spend like crazy and then sell the team.

Let's just say that the Florida Marlins decide to give us Logan Morrison to get Ozzie Guillen to be their manager ... Morrison is going to play left field on the Sox. That leaves us with three questions: 1. Who's going to be the leadoff guy? 2. Where do we put Dayan Viciedo on the field? 3. Who do you think will be traded to make room on the team? If this situation takes place, we have four starting outfielders with Morrison, Rios, Viciedo and Quentin -- what's your take on this scenario? -- Francisco, Puerto Rico

If the Marlins want Ozzie that badly, then they'd better pay up with more than just Morrison. The Sox hold the cards on this one.

Assuming his average remains in the .160-.170s, will the Dunn Line (actually the Done) line replace the Mendoza Line as the mark of major league batting futility? -- George, Homewood

It will among several Sox fans.

When are the White Sox going to give Brent Lillibridge a permanent outfield spot? If you look at his stats from just playing part time this year, he would have had more than 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases given 500 at-bats. He is an excellent glove man and always hustles. I think the organization is wasting his talents and may lose him in the off-season to a team willing to give him a starting position. He reminds me of Joe Crede, tough as nails, good in the clutch and a defensive gem. P,S. We win more often then we lose when Lillibridge plays. -- Mike Mucker; Wichita Falls, Tex.

I don't think Lillibridge will earn a permanent outfield spot any time soon, but he's developed into a player who could start at least 50 percent of the time because he has a nice blend of power, speed and defense. He has experienced some valleys at the plate.