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Remembering Mike Beresh of the Country Devils

Remembering Mike Beresh of the Country Devils

Mike Beresh died on Good Friday, April 3, 2015. His final album, "Wives Tales," was released posthumously on April 6 on RatHawk Records. The album is maybe Mike's 40th record including cassette tapes he made as a student at North Harford High School, tapes that feature the playing of young musicians like Abby Mott, Wes Mattheu, Tom Boram, and Chris Pumphrey. Mike once showed me some of those old tapes. "You are one prolific motherfucker," I told him. "It's ridiculous," he said, "I need an editor." The news of Mike's death stung like an expected slap. There was no surprise to it, but the pain was sharp and it left an empty sadness...