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Where to chill out at theme parks

Where to chill out at theme parks

Yes, it is hot enough for me. Thanks for asking.

It's OK. Over the years, I've learned to cope, even at Central Florida's broiling-hot theme parks. But sometimes even my Tyra Banks-paraphrased motto of "Find Your Shade" isn't enough. You must go indoors for real relief.

My favorite cool-down spot is well-established. I like to sit on the frigid, bare floor of Epcot's American Adventure. If the Voices of Liberty are there, well, that's just gravy. I've been known to spread out flat on that floor when there aren't many other guests around. It's not dignified, but it's so, so, so soothing.

I've made how-to-cool-down lists before, so this year I asked a few of my...