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Cyclist Martinez Turns Back Clock, Beats Leukemia

Cyclist Martinez Turns Back Clock, Beats Leukemia

NEW BRITAIN — When Kelly Martinez was growing up in Colchester, she and her brothers and friends biked all the time. They only had one channel on TV, she said, and it only came in if it wasn't cloudy. They were always outside. Then she grew up. Jobs, marriage, kids. No more biking. And 10 years ago, there came a life-changing diagnosis at the doctor's office. She had chronic myelogenous leukemia. Her only hope of survival was a stem cell transplant. This year, Martinez is celebrating her 10th year cancer-free. "Yeah, I'm 10 years old and I want to have my birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese," she said, laughing. Last spring, she started biking again and...