Beach romance

Celebrity traveler Kelly Campbell of the Baltimore Lingerie Football League on vacation in the Outer Banks. (unknown, Baltimore Sun / February 7, 2012)

Baltimore Charm player Kelly Campbell travels frequently in her dual role as a defensive back and marketing manager of the city's all-female Lingerie Football League team.

Campbell was nominated this year for the league's award for most improved player, as well as for its Mortaza Award, honoring a player's efforts on and off the field.

Campbell says she prefers vacations at beaches, where she can enjoy the activities she doesn't have time for during the football season.

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, Campbell, 24, reveals to us her favorite and most romantic getaway — which would also be her ideal spot to receive a proposal.

Where is the most romantic place you've traveled?

A place called Wrightsville Beach [on the North Carolina seashore] at midnight — it's the perfect place to be proposed to!

Is that your favorite travel destination?

I love the beach — have to go at least once a year. I've seen so many beautiful beaches along the East Coast [and] even Maui, Hawaii. I really have not found one that I love more than the Outer Banks.

What inspires you most about the Outer Banks?

The Carolina weather is perfect. I've visited in March, summertime, fall — it's always nice. This past summer, I went right after the hurricane, and it was stunning — everything seemed so pure again.

I go and renew myself, cleanse my soul and my mind. I love how my skin feels after a day at the beach — the water and sand are exfoliants. And my hair gets sun-streaked. Then I go back out at night, and the stars are everywhere – it's so clear there. Being down there allows me to escape from reality.

Where do you like to stay?

I have stayed with family in Wrightsville, but this past summer a group of us rented a house right on the water in Nags Head. I prefer that [to a hotel] because there's a lot of space just to hang out and you don't have to worry about leaving your things around. It's more of homey feel.

What do you like to do when you are there?

I'm not one just to lie there and tan. I like to play bocce ball, boogie board and fish off the pier. I love to throw the football around; it's usually just me and the guys, because the girls don't want to play. At the end of the day, I like to just sit and watch the ocean.

Are the guys afraid of playing football with you?

No, they think it's awesome. I'm always the one tossing the ball, throwing the Frisbee or kicking the soccer ball.

Is that how you stay in shape for football when you travel?

If there is a gym nearby, I'll work out. But I find walking and jogging on the beach can be just as exhausting as my regular workout.