Five Maryland airport control towers to be closed next month

Rep. Andy Harris wrote to FAA officials on Tuesday, urging them to spare the two airports in his district: Salisbury and Easton. The Republican lawmaker noted that contractor-operated towers handle 28 percent of flights while representing just 14 percent of the agency's overall air traffic control budget.

Harris called Friday's announcement "disappointing."

"Unfortunately, our efforts to persuade the FAA to make these cuts elsewhere fell short, but we will continue to work with these airports to ensure maximum safety going forward," he said.

In the Frederick tower, controllers tried not to think about their futures as they shepherded the crush of weekend air traffic.

"It's been a real roller coaster this last month," said Johnson, while on a brief break. "We're just being professional up here and we'll sort it out when we get home."

Tower closings

•Martin State Airport

•Frederick Municipal Airport

•Easton Airport/Newnam Field

•Hagerstown Regional Airport

•Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport