Where to get your bike fit in the Baltimore area
Buying a bike doesn't stop with the purchase. Cycling experts recommend taking the time to have your bicycle professionally fitted.

Local shops offer a variety of levels of fitting, from simple adjustments available for free with the purchase of a new bike to elaborate processes involving specialized software, certifications and equipment. Here's a look at what's available.

Baltimore Bicycle Works

1813 Falls Road, Baltimore; 410-605-0705; baltimorebicycleworks.com

Baltimore Bicycle Works offers three levels of fits:

•The Quick Fit ($25, 20-30 minutes): Body measurements and frame size and saddle height suggestions.

•The Recreational/Commuter Fit ($50, 30 minutes-one hour): Quick Fit plus stem height, saddle height and fore/aft position adjustment, product recommendations and basic clipless cleat mounting and adjusting.

•The Advanced Fit ($150, about two hours): Elements of the Recreational/Commuter Fit plus an introductory interview covering goals, health issues and history, measurements, flexibility assessment, analysis and adjustment in a trainer or fit cycle, analysis of angles and positioning of knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and hands.

Joe's Bike Shop

Fells Point: 723-B South Broadway, Baltimore; 443-869-3435. Mount Washington: 5813 Falls Road, Baltimore,; 410-323-2788; joesbikeshop.com

Joe Traill of Joe's Bike Shop calls his approach to fitting "old school." He uses his practiced eye, watching customers on their bikes, coupled with careful interviewing to identify a complete body fit. By appointment; $50 per hour (most take between 30 minutes and one hour).

Light Street Cycles

1124 Light St., Baltimore; 410-685-2234; lightstcycles.com

A quick 15-minute fit is free. More involved fittings typically take about an hour and run between $100 and $120.

Lutherville Bikes

1544 York Road, Lutherville; 410-583-8734; luthervillebikes.com

Lutherville Bikes offers different levels and types of fit:

•The Saddle Fit ($50). A Cleat Alignment and Foot Assessment ($75, about 45 minutes).

•The Basic Bicycle Fit ($100, one hour to 90 minutes) includes the cleat and foot assessment plus a saddle height and reach adjustment, designed to get the correct height, fore/aft positioning and stem.

•The BG, or Body Geometry Fit ($175, about two hours), includes an interview process to discuss flexibility and injury issues, flexibility measurements and a basic bicycle fit.