Ravens v. Cardinals

1 p.m. Sunday, M&T Bank Stadium


Radio: 98 Rock, 1090 AM

Rome Cee, rapper

Cardinals are a struggling football team.

Ravens 28-7

'11 Record: 4-2

Franchon Crews, boxer

Ravens are the Big Birds and Cardinals are the Chicken Littles.

Ravens 28-7

'11 Record: 4-2

Sarah Acconcia, chef, 13.5% Wine Bar

I don't know. Sportsball is confusing. Also, cardinals are really stupid birds. A cardinal flew into my windshield once. Splat.

Ravens 125-33

'11 Record: 4-2

Barry Glazer, attorney

The Ravens are going to attack the Cardinals from the air, no doubt, as birds often do. The result: Cardinal wings spewed all over the field.

Ravens 31-14

'11 Record: 4-2