Claire Klossner and Amy Lanasa

Claire Klossner (left) and Amy Lanasa (right). (Baltimore Sun / June 1, 2012)

These two interpreters for the deaf say their relationship began with their first date, a low-key picnic held indoors because of the August heat.

Wedding Date: August 11, 2012

Amy's story: Amy Lanasa, 37, grew up in the Catonsville area, and now lives in Ednor Gardens. She is a freelance sign language interpreter and part-time staff member at Gallaudet University. Her father, Francis "Fran" Lanasa is a retired U.S. probation officer. Her mother, Barbara Lanasa, is a child care aide at Grace Church Child Care Center.

Claire's story: Claire Klossner, 37, grew up in Manassas, Virginia, and now lives in Ednor Gardens. She is a freelance sign language interpreter. Her father, William Klossner, is a magistrate in Prince William County, Virginia. Her mother, Elaine Klossner, is the office manager for an orthodontist in the Manassas area.

Their story: They met in July 2009.

"We were both working at Galludet [University] on the same day. She was leaving a job and I was coming onto the job in the Ole Jim building [also known as the Alumni House] on campus. We said hi to each other. But, I wasn't single at the time," says Amy.

"At the exact same event one year later, a student orientation at the end of July, we met the second time," says Claire.

"It was about a week later that I asked her out," says Amy. "I told her I would come and pick her up at her house. She was living in D.C. on Capitol Hill. I thought I would do a picnic on the Smithsonian Mall. She invited me in and we just sat and talked. It was hot. So, she asked if I wanted to have the picnic inside.".

"I had been freaking out that it was August and a 100 degrees that day," says Claire. "So, I planned to offer to have the picnic in my living room. "I found out later she had had actually gone on my Facebook page where I said I liked chocolate and spicy food. So, she had gotten chocolate for dessert, and spicy hummus and salsa for part of the picnic."

"I had gone through a year of not wanting to date because of not being in the right relationships," says Amy. "So, I was excited about going out on a date again...We ended up talking until 2 in the morning. The thing I most remember is that we laughed a lot and that she was down to earth and really into her career. One thing that's really nice is that we're both interpreters and we don't have to educate each other about what we do. I had a good sense that she had a good head on her shoulders. I definitely had a feeling that I really wanted to get to know her better."

The feeling was mutual.

"I felt like we clicked on the first date," says Claire. "It was so easy. We didn't have an awkward moment. She is so fun. She has the most outgoing, fun personality." .

Both of them say, in retrospect, the relationship began on that first date.

"About a month later, I [wondered] if I needed to ask her if she officially wanted to be my girlfriend," says Amy. " We were in a friend's kitchen and I asked her. She gave me big smile, yeah, and then she asked me if I would be her girlfriend.

"Claire's very generous and very understanding. She's got a funny personality and we make each other laugh. She's probably got the biggest heart of anyone you'll ever meet."

"Amy is the kind of person who would do anything for you," says Claire. "She is so warm and friendly. She loves to laugh and she loves to make other people laugh. And when she's laughing, she gets this spark in her eye. She really cares about people."

The proposal, October 16, 2011: "We would mention that it would be nice to be together forever," Amy says. "We started looking for rings and we found one place online that caters to gay and lesbian couples — We both really liked this one ring that's described as a wedding ring."

But, because of their profession, the couple was restricted with the type of ring each could wear.

"Because we're both interpreters, we can't wear anything really distracting," says Amy. "You don't want to go for anything big or distracting, jewelry-wise because people's eyes get fatigued when there's something like that. It's too busy. So, we picked out one that's steel and has about 10 little diamonds inset into the ring.".