Dudely and Carr

Dudley and Carr (Jennifer McMenamin / November 9, 2011)

Wedding Date: September 15, 2012

Her story: Jill Carr, 31, grew up in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Her family moved to Ellicott City in 1993. She is an independent financial planner and now lives in Ellicott City. Her father, William "Bill" D. Carr is a producer at CBIZ, Inc. Her mother, Cynthia J. Carr, is a recruiter for The Rogan Group.

His story: Albert "Bert" H. Dudley IV, 36, grew up in Towson. He is a sales representative for DeVere Insulation, an energy efficiency consultant and personal trainer and lives in Ellicott City. His father, Albert "Hank" Dudley III, is a retired orthopedic surgeon. His mother, Barbara Kirby, is a Baltimore County middle school math teacher. His former stepfather, Roy Kirby, Jr. is the former chairman of Roy Kirby and Sons.

Their story: It was June 13, 2010. Jill and Bert had each competed in the Ironman 70.3 EagleMan Triathlon in Cambridge, Md.

"It was my second time doing the race," Jill says. "It was brutally hot, 105 in the shade. So, I went to the massage tent. [During the massage,] I told the massage therapist I wasn't feeling so good. I was getting off the table and I just kind of crumpled. So, the massage therapist walked me over to the medical tent. Bert was the next person waiting for massage and watched the whole thing happen."

"She sat up and I thought, 'Oh, she's beautiful and has great legs,' " Bert says. "Then, I see [the massage therapist] walking her to medical tent. After my massage was over, [I looked up and] she was standing there to thank the massage therapist and that's how we met." .

The two chatted for about 20 minutes and then went their separate ways. However, Jill's mother had seen them talking, and saw something there. So, she kept urging Jill to contact him.

"I tried to look up his name in the race results," Jill says. "But, I was looking for 'Burt,' not Albert."

Eventually, Jill found Bert on Facebook. She shot him a message. He responded.

"He was trying to find me, too," she says.

The two wrote back and forth for a while, and set up their first date for July 18, when they decided to go to the Sublime concert at Pier Six.

"I met him at his house [in Fells Point]," she says. "We sat in his living room and talked for 2 to 3 hours. It felt like we were talking for 10 minutes. So, we just caught the tail end of the concert."

Bert says he knew there was something special there right off the bat. But, he didn't let her know immediately.

"I knew I was really interested," Jill says. "But, I wasn't sure if he was because he was playing it very cool. We were both playing very hard to get. We went out on training bike rides. We did a lot of yoga together, hot bikram. We love to cook. So, I cooked for him. And he cooked for me. We took my dogs hiking up the Gunpowder." (Her dogs are Abby, 12, a black Labrador, and Zoe, 4, a Labrador/Rottweiler mix.)

"We took it slow and in the first 4 to 6 weeks, we were both sold," says Jill. "We knew what we both wanted. We had already established how we felt about each other. By September, we were both saying this is true love, this isn't just a fling."

What really sealed the deal was when he offered to go with her that November to Arizona to cheer her on at her first full-length Ironman triathlon.

"I hadn't really thought about [the relationship] at that point in time," she says. "But, my response was, 'Of course I want you to go with me.' [That's when] we knew we wanted to be with each other forever."

The proposal, June 12, 2011: "Triathlon season had started again," Jill says. " We were talking about getting married and what our future goals looked like. The triathlon where we met was coming up. We went down to do the race again. We stayed at this cute bed and breakfast Marvels on the Creek.

"So, we do the race," she continues. "Generally, we don't see each other during the race very often...{But], we ran together during the race for a little while. Then, I told him, 'Go ahead. Run your race.' He said, 'I love you, see you at the end.' I could tell by his voice, he was choked up. I didn't know what was coming. But he knew.