Scene from recent German production of 'We Will Rock You'

Scene from recent German production of 'We Will Rock You' (We Will Rock You Production / October 11, 2013)

When not in music mode, May is active in animal rights campaigns, recently against the British government's decision to cull badgers.

And the guitarist, who earned a doctorate in astrophysics in 2007, has also been busy working on his third book, "Diableries," due out this month. This exploration of mid-19th-century 3-D photos will come with a viewer — a "stereoscope" — designed by May.

The book is "a trip, I can tell you," he said. "If you like 'Avatar,' wait till you see what they did in the 1860s."

What May and his fellow Queen musicians did in their heyday left a sizable imprint on the history of rock. The guitarist said he is "surprised and always gratified" by the band's lasting popularity.

"There are times when I stop and think, 'My God, we did do all that, and it is still alive out there with generation after generation,' " May said. "I think one reason is that it relates to normal people, normal dreams and problems with life. And the music ain't bad, I have to tell you."

"We Will Rock You" opens Tuesday and runs through Oct. 20.

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