Three-hour WWE Raw likely means a significant dose of Vince McMahon

Tonight on a three-hour edition of Raw, Vince McMahon returns to WWE TV for the first time since October 2011.  This is a very interesting situation for many reasons.

For one, ratings in the United States have taken a dip. Though Nielsen ratings are not a completely accurate measure of performance, it is often used by many as a measuring stick of success. In the past four episodes, Raw has seen this trend:

June 4: 2.92 rating

May 28 (Memorial Day): 2.72 rating

May 21: 3.0 rating

May 14: 2.9 rating

The average rating for Raw in 2012, from the beginning of February to the end of April, in the U.S. is 3.16.

This trend is not new. Here's a look at the past three years:

In 2011:

May 23: 3.4

May 16: 3.09

May 9: 3.18

May 2: 3.45

Average rating in May: 3.2

Average rating from February to April: 3.56

In 2010:

Average rating in May: 3.162

Average rating from February to April: 3.43

In 2009:

Average rating in May: 3.36

Average rating from February to April: 3.71

What this means is that traditionally there is a decrease in interest in the month of May. The WrestleMania hangover from April is gone, and new, rejuvenated interest becomes necessary.