The Internet shows some weekend love for actors, dancers, politicians

Jacoby Jones will get an even wider repertoire of moves, Kristin Stewart has recapped the role of the clumsy mumbler, and tweeps dislike Seth MacFarlane. Welcome to your post-weekend online trends report for Feb 25.

Ravens wide receiver Jones will be a contestant on 'Dancing With the Stars,' ABC has announced. That came during the commercial break from another big traffic recipient: The Oscar presentations last night drove almost every remaining popular search over the weekend, including Stewart, who presented with Daniel Radcliffe despite a lower body injury. As for the main host, he was a bit of an unknown quantity. As The Sun's Chris Kaltenbach wrote from the red carpet, "There's plenty more to come. [Seth MacFarlane] is singing about boobs, and the awards are about to start being haded out. Could be interesting..."


Dancing With the Stars
Jacoby Jones danced in several NFL end zones this season as he went from unheralded free agent pickup to one of the heroes of the Ravens' Super Bowl XLVII victory over the San Francisco 49ers earlier this month. He'll now take his dance moves to another stage, and this time, they'll be judged.
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Being snubbed might have been the best thing to happen to Ben Affleck. His film “Argo” took the best picture Oscar on Sunday night at the 85th Academy Awards — more than a little solace, perhaps, for being snubbed in the directing category. Other marquee winners were Daniel Day-Lewis for lead actor for “Lincoln,” Jennifer Lawrence for lead actress for “Silver Linings Playbook,” and Ang Lee for director for “Life of Pi,” which won four Oscars, the most for any film.
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Anne Hathaway, Les Mis, Christoph Waltz
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Anne Hathaway won supporting actress for “Les Miserables,” and Christoph Waltz received supporting actor for “Django Unchained.” The slave revenge Western also won original screenplay for Quentin Tarantino.
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Seth MacFarlane
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As host, Seth MacFarlane was no savior or infusion of life. He was an ineffectual leader. For months, Oscar watchers were wondering: Would MacFarlane be the lively, racy maker of “Family Guy” in a brazen pitch for young viewers? Or would he be the elegant old-school song-and-dance man of his 2011 album, to keep the graying demo from having a collective plotz? He was a little of both, and not much of either.
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