A Spanish star dies, Don Draper lies and contraception flies
Spanish actress Sara Montiel is dead at 85, Don Draper is having a depressing time of things, and a nice German man has invented a faster way to apply contraception. Welcome to your post-weekend trends report for Monday, April 8, 2013.

Montiel, who starred in some of Spanish cinema's most successful movies in the 1950s and 60s, has also been credited as a singer on several occasions. She died at her home in Madrid, according to El Mundo.

Looking back at the 60s in a less biographical light, Mad Men started its sixth season this week with an incredibly gloomy episode that included a lame New Year's Eve party, a sad vacation trip and a lot of death.

And back in 2013, Bill Gates is getting some creative responses to his request for new  contraceptive innovations. Among those: A youtube channel about slingshots has designed a gun that applies condoms in a rather forceful manner.


Sara Montiel
By the 1970s her interest in films diminished, due largely to the almost pornographic turn of Spanish films in the post-Francisco Franco era when censorship was abolished. Her activities turned mainly to recording and stage work ...

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Fans inside Madison Square Garden witnessed something many thought would never come.
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Turn off platform (facebook privacy)
If you don't have any interest in Facebook apps (and, let's face it, many of them are suspect or just plain spammy), Facebook offers an option that works like a kill switch to keep Facebook apps and other websites from sharing or accessing your information: Turn off Platform.

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