Olivia’s life isn’t finished imploding, which is both entertaining and frustrating to watch. I think half of the joy of watching “Scandal” is being able to route for Olivia as she ruthlessly ensures the best outcome for her client. Even though her moral compass currently points nowhere near North, I like to watch her put powerful people in their place.

I was beginning to worry that she had no fight left, especially when we open up to her begrudgingly eating Sunday dinner with Daddy Pope. He assumes that the dinner date is going well, since she has yet to accuse him of any “crimes against humanity,” but she assures him that she’s only holding her tongue to avoid having him manipulate or torture any of her friends.

She’s learned that speaking her mind (like her mother taught her to) only causes trouble, in the form of him forcing her friends to murder people. Eli/Rowan argues that Huck brought it upon himself. He would have left Huck alone had Huck not set out to kill him.

While the Popes are busy failing to enjoy dinner, Jake is in Eli/Rowan’s house, downloading files from his computer with Huck assisting over the phone. Of course, the files are this close to being copied when Daddy Pope shows up, instantly aware that something is amiss in his house. He disables the alarm just in time for Jake to get away.

Cyrus and Mellie are busy trying to recruit Leo Bergen (played by Paul Adelstein, or Dr. Cooper Freedman for “Private Practice" fans) to be Fitz’s campaign manager by giving him a private tour of the Oval Office. Bergen seems impressed by the tour (for example, geeking out over the Resolute Desk), but won’t join the team.

He admits Fitz has some good points -- he’s a veteran who survived an assassination attempt and is great on his feet -- but he also has difficulty keeping his winkie in his pants and is married to a seemingly frigid wife. Most of all, Bergen says, he doesn’t look like a winner – the office smells like desperation. And besides, he knows they’re only trying to recruit him because they ruined their relationship with Olivia.

Speaking of Liv, she’s trying to land an interesting new client: Josephine Marcus. Olivia tells Marcus that she doesn’t need branding -- she needs discipline. Marcus is charming, says Olivia, but she doesn’t seem like someone you would trust with the nuclear codes.

Despite the fact that her sister, Candice, seems unsure about Olivia, Josephine hires her on the spot, then asks the entire staff to leave the room so that they can discuss the baby she gave up when she was 15.

Her mother covered up the entire ordeal very well, but she is worried that the news will leak -- not because she is concerned for her image, but because she does not want her mystery child’s privacy to be infringed upon.

So Liv ships the team off to Josephine’s home in Red Springs, Montana. They’re all distracted with their own thing: Quinn with being a wannabe murderer, Abby with her David boo-age and Huck with trying to uncover details about a secret military operation.

There’s a break in Huck’s case: a bit of surveillance camera footage from Eli/Rowan’s office that shows Fitz confronting Command about Pete Foster’s death.

When Huck reports the news to Jake. Huck informs him that Command knows someone is digging up evidence, he just doesn’t know who yet.

But then, Jake is hauled off to some secret location by a mysterious group of goons who end up being on Fitz’s payroll. The president has invited Jake over for a little friendly basketball, which quickly devolves into Fitz making smart comments about Jake being a backstabber and trying to get a stubborn Jake to discuss his relationship with Olivia.

A desperate Cyrus calls Olivia to discuss the kid he sent to Montana to uncover dirt on Marcus. He plans to take her down if she wins the nomination against murderer Governor Reston.

Back at the office, Quinn complains about Huck freezing her out. Harrison tells her that they know about her newfound blood lust. “You’re grounded,” he jokes, as they set off to interview all of the witnesses bribing them with large sums of money.

While they are trying to bribe Josephine’s baby daddy, Billy Joe, Cyrus’s guy pops up. Abby is sent out to distract him with her snark, and he introduces her to a reporter he had posted outside. Amateur. Abby offers the woman a huge story on How the White House Attempted to Sway the Democratic Election in Their Favor.

Meanwhile, Harrison is busy blackmailing Billy Joe about his infidelity, and Cyrus’s boy knows when he’s lost. He calls Cyrus to inform him that they have been “Poped.” Cyrus has to take a series of deep breaths to keep a heart attach at bay.

Sally Langston gets a nothing scene in which she whines about being left out of the re-election plans, but she is the only Republican on the ticket who seems to care about the re-election right now. Fitz is more worried about threatening to shut Command down and having Eli/Rowan hang up the phone in his face.

Cyrus wants to deliver the baby gossip to Reston and have the other candidate do his dirty work for him. Jake and Huck confer to discuss Remington, trying to figure out where exactly Fitz was that day in 1991. If Fitz knows they're onto him, he’ll send agents after him. Jake is sent to the office to use a program on his computer and search by plane type and date.

Olivia walks in and catches Jake there. She’s suspicious, of course, and he lies, saying that he was worried about her. She forgot her phone, and he sees her Galaxy in her hand. He says you forgot your Fitz phone. The White House Correspondents dinner is coming up. She used to vet his jokes, and this year, the phone hasn’t rung.