Mittens at the Today Show

Mittens at the Today Show (Cindy Wright)

Baltimore's Mittens is officially a celebrity.

The abused cat, recently named ASPCA's Cat of the Year, just returned to Baltimore after a whirlwind trip to Manhattan where she not only stayed at a fancy hotel and enjoyed limo service, but was presented with a major award and made an appearance on the Today Show.

While we can only imagine how all the hoopla seemed to an unassuming cat, she's filling us in on how it all went down.

Here is Mittens' diary from last week's big trip, as told to Unleashed with the help of Cindy Wright, her foster mom who knew a great cat when she saw one and adopted her:

Wednesday morning

So, I’m headed to New York City to receive the ASPCA’s Cat of the Year Award! Isn’t that the cat’s meow? It’s the first time I’ve ever been on an airplane. Mom is worried that I might not be a good flyer.

Ha! No sweat! After everyone from the Southwest ticket agents to the flight attendants oohhed and aahhed over me, I curled up in my Sleepypod and chilled out. No problem!

A car and chauffeur are waiting for me at La Guardia airport. I am letting mom and dad ride into the city with me.

Wednesday afternoon

Wow, there are bunches and bunches of tall buildings and lots of people. But, where are all the tree that can be climbed?

According to mom, we’re staying in mid-town New York. I don’t really care where we stay as long as there’s deli ham close by.

I like the hotel room because it has great, big windows and a windowsill where I can sit and check out the skyline. The bed also has a fluffy comforter that looks very inviting.

Speaking of that...bye for now. It’s naptime!

Wednesday night

I awake to deli ham and turkey breast! It seems mom and dad snuck out when I was napping. Mom’s best friend is a New Yorker. He’s allergic to kitties, but wanted to give mom a present for me. So, their trip to the grocery store made my evening.

Guess what? I’m going upstairs for a meet and greet. Richochet, the ASPCA’s Dog of the Year, and her mom, Judy, thought we should get to know each other.

Wow, Ricochet is beautiful (for a dog). She was very well behaved and respected my space. Gotta tell you, I really respect her. She does surfing therapy with special needs children and has raised more than $125,000 for charity!

Good night for now. I must get my beauty sleep. After all, I will be appearing on the Today Show live with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb tomorrow.

Thursday morning

I awaken snuggled between mom and dad. After a leisurely stretch and a trip to the litter box, I’m ready for deli ham and turkey. Dad waits on me because mom’s a total ball of nerves about the Today show appearance.