Michael Phelps' reported new love interest another Cali waitress-model, bikini stunner

Michael Phelps' latest love interest is 22-year-old Sarah Herndon, according to an interview with the waitress/model from California (the same description as his previous flame, Megan Rossee, whom he dumped just after Christmas). He and Herndon met in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, just before Christmas; fished for lobster in the Bahamas after the holidays and had an evening of sushi and "Zero Dark Thirty" back in Baltimore. Here's a report.

By Hugo Daniel

For Coleman-Rayner

Michael Phelps charmed his latest love interest on a romantic lobster fishing trip — jumping into the water and joking, "This is my home, too, you know.”

Sarah Herndon was whisked to the Bahamas by the Oympic champion for a romantic five-day break of fishing, snorkeling and tropical sunsets.

In an interview, Herndon, a 22-year-old waitress, beamed, saying: “Michael's a good kisser. He’s very cuddly and kissy, which is cute. He’s charming and a gentleman.

“He’s got like a confident side to him to that makes you want more. But he’s very sweet at the same time.”
She added: “Michael’s body is obviously great. I mean, he’s an athlete. He’s got a great sculpted body. He’s obviously been a swimmer, like, forever.

“There’s not really much bad you can say about it.”

However, she said, “What happens between me and Michael intimately is our business. And not something I care to talk about with anyone else besides us.

“I did stay in his room, but I’m not going to say that he’s a good lover or anything. I would never talk about something like that.

“Michael is a very affectionate, sweet guy. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m really happy to have got to know him on a more personal level,” she said.

Describing a special moment on a lobster fishing expedition off a remote Bahamas island, Herndon said: “It was sunset and the water was so teal and clear — really beautiful.

“We were holding hands, and he was putting his arm around me when I was cold. He’s really caring and affectionate. He would kiss me in front of his friends — you could tell he was happy to have me there.

“He was treating me like I was his girl.”

And Phelps' aquatic skills were put to good use when it came to catching that night’s dinner.

She said: “He ended up diving in with the driver of the boat and pulling up the lobster. It was really funny -- he was telling them, ‘You know, I live in the water, too!'

“Michael was really great at it. He was really excited to catch the lobster.”

Herndon told how she met Phelps just before Christmas while on a family holiday to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

While out clubbing with her three sisters (twins Rachel and Rebecca, 18, and Krista, 19), the women were handpicked by workers to come and sit at Phelps' table.

Herndon said: “Me and all my sisters were dancing on the bar. A worker came up to us and wanted us to go and hang out at his table. He said, ‘Michael Phelps is coming; I want you there’.”

Herndon split with her boyfriend of 15 months at the beginning of December while Phelps recently dumped Megan Rossee.