Mega Millions ticket

Mega Millions sales at Montgomery Plaza Liquors in Catonsville. (Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun / March 28, 2012)

What would you do with a half-billion dollars? The Twitterverse has some thoughts.


You better hope I don't win the Mega Million lottery. If I do, I'll have a lot more time to post. #MegaMillions #lol



500 mill jackpot for #megamillions ? may the odds be ever in MY favor!



@BravoAndy if I win the #megamillions on Fri please cast me for next season of #RHONJ ...I pinky promise to bring the dramz!



If you won $500 MILLION, your great great great great grand kids would be rich!!! #MEGAMIllions



Even if I won #megamillions its not enough to buy the #Dodgers ? #tragic



Just bought $10 worth of MegaMillions tickets, so I'm basically assured a minimum of $1million, right?