Take a break from shoveling and check your quiz score

Dan Rodricks

IN CASE YOU missed it - and chances of that are pretty good - I promised to produce answers today to the Winter Day Quiz, presented in this space Monday as a public service to snowbound readers of The Sun.

Some of you might have found the quiz through Baltimoresun.com. (A member of the Royal Navy did but e-mailed disappointment that the questions were not "global" enough.)

But I have a feeling most of you missed the whole thing, home delivery of the paper being so daunting the day after the storm of the century. So, instead of just providing the answers, I'll repeat part of the questions, thereby taking up twice as much space as I would by printing answers only and completing this column in record time so I can get back to shoveling snow.

1. Unscramble these letters to get to a Pulaski Highway delicacy: T F B E I P E. The answer could have been Stewart's "steam burger," but there's no "p" in "steam burger." So the answer is "pit beef." I had a pretty good pit beef sandwich on Pulaski Highway in Rosedale about two months ago. It was up to its usual standard, and the guy in the shack threw in some "burnt ends."

2. His wife, Sharon, is the author of Safe at Home: Mike Hargrove.

3. He coached the Skipjacks and the Italian Olympic hockey team: Gene Ubriaco.

4. Homeland mom of children's book author and illustrator Mitra Modarressi. That's Anne Tyler, the famous author, whom I once saw in the frozen food section of Giant.

5. The O-nly baseball player named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" of 2000: Scott Erickson.

6. The year I-83 linked Baltimore and Harrisburg was 1959.

7. The 1980s rocker who played a beatnik in John Waters' Hairspray was Ric Ocasek of the Cars. I saw a llama at the Maryland State Fair a few years ago that looked just like him, I swear.

8. Sisqo, the "Thong Song" recording artist, was born Mark Andrews and got his start with impromptu performances at The Fudgery.

9. The eventual Hall-of-Famers that Orioles pitcher Billy O'Dell faced in the 1958 All-Star Game played in Baltimore were Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks.

10. His songs include "The Streets of Baltimore" and "Farewell Clonbur": Martin O'Malley.

11. The year I-95 connected Wilmington and Baltimore: 1963.

12. What's an "espantoon?" In Baltimore, a police officer's nightstick. You could look it up.

13. What Baltimore radio sports announcer of fond memory said: "You know what an expert is, don't ya? A guy from outta town." Charley Eckman.

14. Another word scramble, this one Diner food: G S N F V Y E D I A R A R. Fries and gravy, baby.

15. Downtown Baltimore gets nuked in this Morgan Freeman film: The Sum Of All Fears.

16. A Raven who played linebacker at Air Force before transferring to Brigham Young: Brian Billick.

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