How much higher can Donkey Kong characters jump if they're on Mars?
It's not quite Mother's Day in America yet, but you can send your parents cool footage of a physicist talking about rubber bands. Welcome to your post-weekend trends report for Monday, March 11, 2013.

Richard Feynman's discussion of hacking elasticity is currently riding at the top of Reddit, while a different type of hack -- a Donkey Kong mod that makes the Pauline save Mario -- did well over the weekend on Reddit. (The game's name has now gone global on twitter as well.)

Finishing up the hacking motif, the South by Southwest festival is getting its usual yearly attention, including a speech by space mogul Elon Musk, stating that if nobody else steps up, he might go to Mars.


(British) Mothers Day 2013, Mothers Day
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By 1938 it was said that Mothering Sunday was celebrated in every parish across Britain and in every country of the British empire. By comparison the appeal of the American-style Mother’s Day remained limited, at least until the Second World War.
Oxford University Press

Loiter Squad
Last season sat somewhere between The Kids in the Hall and Jackass, and based on the exclusive clip below, the second go-round will be a ratcheted-up version of the same.
Entertainment Weekly

Tiger Woods
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Despite some wayward drives and approach shots, Woods never wavered in the final round of the Cadillac Championship on Sunday, shooting a one-under-par 71 to finish at 19-under 269 for the tournament.
Baltimore Sun

Brandon Knight, DeAndre Jordan
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For a good portion of the Detroit Pistons' latest magnificient flop, the phrase "RIP Brandon Knight" was trending worldwide on Twitter. The second-year Piston didn't really die, he was just undressed on a DeAndre Jordan lob dunk in his face with 4:32 left in the first half of the Los Angeles Clippers' 129-97 victory.