Jacques Kelly came to the the old Evening Sun as a summer intern in 1969. For many years, he was on the staff of the old News American, ...

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Jacques Kelly

Jacques Kelly

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Old academic institution to become a school once again

Old academic institution to become a school once again

December 12, 2014

The old Gwynns Falls Junior High School is a noble survivor. Cast off by the school system nearly 30 years ago, then purchased by a church, this West Baltimore academic landmark is now poised to see its corridors filled with about 875 students attending a progressive city charter school.

  • Exhibit shows Baltimore's shopping habits of 1950s and 1960s

    December 5, 2014

    A trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry reveals the little worlds of neighborhoods and shopping in Baltimore about 60 years ago.

  • Remembering the homesteaders of Otterbein

    October 31, 2014

    A recent article about a million-dollar price on a West Lee Street rowhouse reminded me of the autumn of 1974, when I became a participant in neighborhood advocacy journalism. My article ran Nov. 1, 1974, in the old News American and detailed how the city was reconsidering the fate of dozens of early 19th-century homes that were scheduled to be torn down for temporary City Fair parking.

  • Residents of Highfield House mark its 50th year

    October 24, 2014

    Architect Donald Sickler can still recall the color of brick that helped quiet the anxiety surrounding a North Baltimore apartment house that Guilford residents feared would resemble a steely hulk.

  • Clifton Mansion transformed in $7 million restoration

    October 10, 2014

    In the summer of 2013, I visited the Clifton Mansion, which sits atop the little hill in the Northeast Baltimore park and golf course, as a $7 million restoration effort got underway.

  • Motor House to offer space for artists in Station North

    October 3, 2014

    At age 100, the commercial building at 120 W. North Ave. has enjoyed prosperity and suffered humiliation. It's now soon to become an arts center in the Station North neighborhood, whose transformation I've been watching for the past few years.

  • Schaefer was the neighborhood mayor

    April 22, 2011

    If you lived in Baltimore in the 1970s, it seemed that William Donald Schaefer paved every alley. An exaggeration? Yes. But then, as now, old Baltimore needed a lot of fixing and Schaefer was in his neighborhood mode. He did it well and had the support of some pretty amazing people. He listened to his aides and he also obsessed over letters his constituents mailed him.

  • Hippo's opening another night to remember

    February 14, 2004

    AS MY CAB turned south on Eutaw Street on Tuesday night, I asked the driver, "Where are the moving lights?"

  • Hoping B&O Museum is able to maintain pieces of history

    February 22, 2003

    I’VE OFTEN thought that Baltimore possesses three truly great object collections: the Cone sisters' canvases, the treasure of Henry and William Walters and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Yes, the rail museum at Pratt and Poppleton, which suffered such a direct hit from this week's snowstorm, is this country's knockout stable of iron-horse history.

  • Saturday nights in 'Perry Mason's' courtroom

    February 17, 2001

    THE TELEVISION shows of 45 years ago were fairly tame fare compared to what the networks and cable deliver today. But certainly when this medium was relatively new - and the arrival of a fresh set in the neighborhood was still something of a novelty - gathering around the black-and-white screen was an event.

  • Chief medical advice from family: Get better

    February 10, 2001

    IHEARD this week from my sister, the mother of the twin girls who just turned 3. All her children (she has three) are down with the sort of childhood maladies that arrive in the late winter. Her washing machine is working overtime. The children just aren't themselves. Or are they?



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