Sid Abramowitz (T) (1983) Marietta, Ga. Salesman for a distributor of packing and paper supplies.

Raul Allegre (K) (1983) Austin, Texas. Sports marketing consultant.

Mack Alston (TE) (1977-80) Alexandria, Va. Assistant football coach at Howard University.

Kim Anderson (DB) (1980-83) Los Angeles. Internet marketing consultant.

Larry Anderson (DB) (1982-83) Shreveport, La. Assistant principal of a high school.

John Andrews (TE) (1974) Sugar Land, Texas. President of a company that sells cartons.

Elmer Bailey (WR) (1982) Opalocka, Fla. On-ground service director for United Airlines.

Jim Bailey (DT) (1974) Lawrence, Kan. Real estate agent.

Karl Baldischwiler (T) (1983) Oklahoma City, Okla. Civil engineer.

Quinton Ballard (NT) (1983) Greensboro, N.C. Corrections officer at a state prison.

Ernie Barnes (NT) (1983) Murdered in 1999, Atlanta, Ga.

Mike Barnes (DE) (1974-81) Sparks, Md. Design and construction manager for Navy Marine Corps Intranet.

Tim Baylor (DB) (1976-78) Minneapolis, Minn. Real estate developer and McDonaldÂ’s owner/operator.

Pat Beach (TE) (1982-83) Oak Harbor, Wash. Owns a dive shop.

Mark Bell (DE) (1983) Wichita, Kan. President of a carpet and floor covering business.

Tim Berra (WR) (1974) West Caldwell, N.J. President of a company that handles business for his father, baseball great Yogi Berra.

Tony Bertuca (LB) (1974) Chicago. Police officer.

Lyle Blackwood (S) (1977-80) Dallas. President of a technology company that evaluates athletic performance and consults with athletes.

Forrest Blue (C) (1975-78) Roseville, Calif. Real estate developer and general contractor.