Booker T expects difficult questions during "Straight Shooting" panel at Royal Rumble

Traditionally, WWE holds Fan Axxess festivities on the days leading up to WrestleMania and Summerslam events. This weekend, the Royal Rumble in Phoenix will get the "Axxess" treatment, with a twist.

For the first time, WWE will host a series of "Straight Shooting" live round table featuring several WWE superstars and legends. The three topics are DX, The Montreal Screwjob, and WCW.

The latter will include WCW mainstays Kevin Nash, The Big Show and Booker T. The key word to describe these discussions is in the title - "shoot". During a conference call on Thursday, Booker T said he expects the gates to be kicked wide open, Including on one of the most controversial (and quoted) moments in his WCW career.

"There’s no rules, that tells you everything right there.", explained Booker. "I’m going to expect (someone to ask) what happened when I was  doing a promo with Sherri and my brother and I said the N word, I know that’s going to come up. I'm going to be prepared to answer (that question) and I got a pretty good answer."

Booker expects there to be some heated debate among the panelists, given their positions in WCW and their views on how story lines and events unfolded.

"Open mic is really all about guys who let it all out and ask the questions that you really want to ask. Don’t hold back and we’re going to shoot right back and answer the question and don’t be surprised if we get a little bit hot between the panel because you know we all think different ways on a lot of situations on a lot of questions that are going to come up"

Booker feels that it won't just be questions about their respective careers - it will be about WCW's big moments, and not so big. The former "5 time, 5 time" WCW champion fully anticipates a question or two about The Shockmaster.

While on the conference call Booker took time to answer some questions about his career, which you can read fully transcribed below (thanks to Lindsay Braunsar). An interesting tidbit is that Booker is planning to write a second book; his first, "From Prison to Promise" was about his life growing up and in jail, and concluded when he got "the call" from WCW. The second book will include his career in WCW and WWE, but he made note that he will leave his time in TNA out of the book, as he doesn't look at that part of his career too fondly.

In one other newsworthy note, Booker noted that he will not be a surprise entrant in the Rumble match this year.

Panel tickets and information can be found on WWE's website:

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Booker T: It’s an honor to be here to answer all your questions.  I’m looking forward to this weekend and a Royal Rumble is the biggest time of year next to Wrestlemania of course. I’m sorry I’m not going to be participating this year. Royal Rumble we normally have a special guest entry but this year I’m going to sit it out and do my duties as General Manager and see exactly how some of the big Smackdown entries play out and that’s what I’m looking forward to first and foremost. But I’m definitely looking forward to answering all your questions so shoot away I’m ready.

Mike Johnson: Hey Booker, how are you today sir?

Booker T: Doing good man. Doing really really good in heading to this Sunday.

Mike Johnson: Good to hear. The Royal Rumble panel discussion, is something new WWE has never done before, when you first heard about the concept and the idea of sitting down with some of the old WCW talents and kind of having the panel discussion about World Championship Wrestling, what were your thoughts and how do you feel about WWE kind of putting the spotlight back on WCW in the last couple of weeks and months with material on and now the panel discussion?

Booker T: Definitely is great, as well as the NWO DVD as well you know, it’s great to actually go back in time so to speak. People always say, should there be another WCW reunion or maybe another WCW invasion. I don’t think we should go that far, but it’s worth sitting down and talking about what went down back then, from a realistic perspective. I think it’s going to be really good and it’s questions that the fans have been wanting to ask for so many years. And now they’re going to finally going to be able to get those answers. So I’m looking forward to actually sitting down, actually answering all the questions, I’m sure there’s going to be some crazy ones that are going to come up but I will be prepared and I’m sure it’s going to be a great time.

Mike Johnson: What aspect of WCW do you feel kind of gets overlooked with the passage of time?

Booker T: I really don’t think any parts are overlooked and one thing we got to think about, you know is we can’t dwell on the past you know WCW and the feud between WWE and WCW those days are over and they’re never coming back. Myself I’m just not one of those people who look in the past and live in the past. It’s all about the future and what we’re going to be looking forward to at this point and guys creating their own destiny, that’s what I’m thinking about right now.

Mike Johnson: All right, thank you for your time sir.