Norman Schwarzkopf, Avery Johnson, George H.W. Bush

Norman Schwarzkopf, Avery Johnson and George H.W. Bush (AFP/Getty, Reuters / December 28, 2012)

Why is “Trouble Maker,” a K-pop song that's been around for a year, suddenly getting worldwide Twitter love? I blame end-of-year lists and an upcoming awards ceremony.

On a less global scale, residents along the East Coast continue to be curious about this weekend’s weather, and Maryland residents are getting antsy about whether Congress will manage to avoid the fiscal cliff. Additionally, there’s national attention focused on what lawmakers decide to do regarding guns.

Finally, a member of Australia’s Janoskians has given opinions on his favorite foods. Gripping stuff.



Norman Schwarzkopf (George H W Bush)

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Retired Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who topped an illustrious military career by commanding the U.S.-led international coalition that drove Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait in 1991 but kept a low public profile in controversies over the second Gulf War against Iraq, died Thursday. He was 78*. [Los Angeles Times]

*The elder Bush, under whom he fought the war, has been hospitalized for a month.


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Clouds are expected to move in overnight, bringing snowfall by the wee hours of Saturday morning. The snow is expected to turn to rain and sleet in many areas by the afternoon, with 1-2 inches of snow possible through Saturday evening in Baltimore and points south and 2-4 inches to the north and west. [Baltimore Sun]

Feliz 2013, Happy New Year, NYE, Boxing Day

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We’re between Christmas and the new year right now, and there’s plenty to do. [Top Baltimore-area New Year's Eve events]


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Two fumbles inside the Bearcats' 6 spelled doom for the Blue Devils as Cincinnati scored twice during the final minute for a 48-34 victory over Duke in the Belk Bowl. [Wire service via Baltimore Sun]

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