The Philadelphia Inquirer

Dixie Evans dies at 86; the 'Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque'

For years, if you honked three times outside the right gate in the desert between Victorville and Barstow on old Route 66, an aging "Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque" would emerge.

She sauntered down the driveway at the abandoned goat ranch and waved visitors under a sign that read "Exotic World Museum." Through her perfectly lacquered lips, she told tales of an era that emphasized tease — not strip — and the ladies who defined it. For 16 years, she lived at and ran the hodgepodge collection of stripper memorabilia in the town of Helendale, which included Sally Rand's fans, lingerie owned by Gypsy Rose Lee and pasties in every color imaginable.

Dixie Evans, a...