Julie Deardorff

Birthplace: Wheaton, IL
Education: University of Iowa (BA in journalism, MBA)
Childhood Influences: "Free To Be You and Me", Title IX, scoliosis, Ed Smith, my elementary school physical education instructor; Pat Johnson, my 4th grade teacher. (Where are you, Mrs. Johnson?) My olders sister, Amy, who forced me to play running bases and watch the Cubs. And, of course, my parents.
Most thrilling high school moment: Playing for Wheaton Central in the 1985 Class AA girls state basketball championship.Greatest physical challenge: Delivering a 9.2-pound baby without pain meds; two Ironman triathlons.
Pet peeve: Sitting in a car.
Words to live by: "Dieting makes you fat."
Favorite running songs: Bruce Springsteen's "This Little Light of Mine"
Recently read: "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" By Barbara Kingsolver
Recently listened to on CD: "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philippa Gregory
Favorite magazines include: New Scientist and The Week.
Favorite gadget: The Myself Pelvic Muscle Trainer.
Where I've traveled: Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Zambia, Tokyo, Europe and the Philippines.
Family members: Husband: Clinton, a carpenter, runner, gourmet cook, primary-care parent, and my role model for good nutrition. Sons: Luke and Erik. Cat: Zoe.
I eat: A plant-based diet. No red meat or poultry since 1985; incorporated wild salmon in 2000.
Favorite superfoods: Avocados, broccoli, blueberries, eggs, spinach, quinoa.
When no one's looking I eat: My son's leftovers.
Medical mystery I'd most like to see solved in my lifetime: Autism.