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F-bomb Dropping

'The Bachelorette' recap, Week 5: Worst date ever in Germany

Worst date ever!

Welcome to Week 5. The remaining “however many” guys pack their bags, don their best hoodies and head to Munich, Germany. I know it’s Week 5, but I still can’t tell the guys apart and don’t really know their names. 

The men arrive and are greeted by Chris Harrison, who tells them that there are three dates this week — a one-on-one, a group date and the dreaded two-on-one. The guys head to the hotel, find the date card and Chris butchers the German language as he reads the card aloud. He is excited despite having no idea what the card says. At least it was better than Kasey’s attempt to speak German  #IwillhappilyinGermanykissyou. In case you didn’t...