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Mark Rothko

'Making Her Mark' Women's Contemporary Exhibit At Mattatuck

'Making Her Mark' Women's Contemporary Exhibit At Mattatuck

The first thing that catches the eye when entering the second-floor galleries at Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury is a portrait on the far wall of a pretty young blonde. From a distance, Lori Simmons' photographic model seems Barbie-perfect.

But move closer, and something seems off. Move even closer, the weirdness starts to sink in. Standing next to it, the strangeness can be seen: the unnatural angle of her hair, skewed cut of her blouse, and especially her eyes, which are not her eyes, but trompe l'oeil eyes painted on her closed eyelids, creepily wide open and ice-blue.

"She's commenting on selfies, on the edited presentation of the self. ... What you're looking at is not...