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'The Giggling Pig': An Artistic Empire in Shelton

'The Giggling Pig': An Artistic Empire in Shelton

A Shelton woman is creating an artistic empire...inspired by a happy swine!

“I used to work on a farm in England. My friend owned a pig farm.  That's where the character came from," explains Hannah Perry, author of Picnics & Puddles: The Adventures Of The Giggling Pig & Friends.  "They used to make me laugh all the time - those little pigs running around.”

Perry, a single mom of two kids - ages 4 and 14, wrote the book in 2010 but didn't publish it until last year because her Shelton business took off.  “I have a two thousand square foot art studio now where we teach children of all ages," says Perry, rattling off a list of...