Last week was quite a week for Cream Puff filling recipes. The request originated from Joe Gronski of Cresco. This week we still have a few more for Joe to pick from.

When you're searching for responses for this week's recipe requests, please remember that we're not able to test the recipes and must depend on you to do your best to be accurate when copying recipes to send to us.

When you do have a recipe to contribute, please provide your name, address and daytime phone number. Also give the full names of any cookbooks or magazines you use, as well as the author's name and publishing company, so that we can properly credit recipes that have come from printed sources.


Virginia M. Fox of New Tripoli is looking for a good chocolate pound cake recipe. She said she made many pound cake recipes in 55 years of marriage, but never a chocolate one, and now her husband is requesting one. She said a search through many cookbooks has come up with nothing.

Jean Wentzel of Green Lane is looking for a recipe for Stuffed Pig's Stomach. She said her mother used to make it but never had the ingredients written down. Jean said she recently heard it can be made in a slow cooker.

Kathleen Ruzicka of Bethlehem is looking for a recipe for an Italian spaghetti sauce.

Karen Jennings of Allentown was planning on buying some Uncle Ernie's butter cookies for a recent party and came to find out that the Bethlehem bakery is no longer in business. Does anyone out there have the recipe for Uncle Ernie's butter cookies or a similar butter cookie recipe? ''I'd also like to find the recipe for the icing that Uncle Ernie's used to decorate the cookies with or a similar recipe,'' she said.

Jean Wagner of Allentown is looking for either a recipe or a place that sells mint patties like the ones she used to find in the 1960s and '70s at a place called Mintzer Mints on the boardwalk in Ocean City, N.J. These particular mints she said were two-sided with peppermint and chocolate sides, some with peppermint and a nonpareil and some layers of alternating chocolate and mint. Jean is also searching for a recipe for the fruit bread that is sold at the Allentown Farmer's Market Amish Stand and at Shady Maple.

Eleanor Heffner of Allentown is looking for a recipe for chicken salad that has fruit in it similar to the one served at The Blue Butterfly in Emmaus. She said she ate it there about five years ago at a wedding shower. She also said it was very good and it wasn't smothered in a lot of fatty dressing.

Cindy Seiple of Nazareth would like the recipe for the chocolate cookies served at Wilson High School in the 1970s. She does not know what they were made of, except it was a dark chocolate and looked like oatmeal inside she said. ''I'm not sure if they were a baked cookie or just a drop cookie. They were not flat, and about 11/2 inches wide,'' she said.

Dorothy Schock of Northampton is looking for a recipe for peanut butter oatmeal cookies.


Betty Kaldy of Palmerton sent in a recipe for Crackling Biscuits (from a Hungarian Recipe Book) she hopes is the one Edward W. Solderich is looking for. She said she copied it years ago out of the book when she was looking for the biscuits.

Martha R. Horvath of Allentown sent in a recipe for broccoli salad. She said she knows this recipe is coming in a little late, but she said it is unlike the ones we recently published. The recipe came from the music minister of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Hanover, Pa., who claims a friend always brought it to church picnics. Martha said 10 years ago the friend was in a retirement home but still fixed her salad for church outings. Martha would also like to put in a request:.She is looking for the ''real'' recipe for Southern Biscuits much like the kind you find in the deep South.

Margaret B. Woods of Easton is sending in her mother's recipe for vanilla cream filling for cream puffs. She said she used the recipe for many desserts and since her mother owned a restaurant in western Pennsylvania before she was born, Margaret thinks she may have developed the recipe herself. Margaret is also providing us with additional ingredients to turn the vanilla cream into chocolate or butterscotch pudding. She noted that the cream fillings make excellent pies using graham cracker crusts, regular pie crusts or crushed chocolate wafer crusts. She said you can also use the recipe to make a Boston cream pie. Dorothy Timko of Bethlehem also sent one in. The recipe was given to her about 30 years ago and is a family favorite.

Bunny L. Mason of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., sent in recipes for Orange Sherbet Cake that Gloria Bergenstock requested. Bunny also included recipes for an Orange Dreamsickle Cake and an Orange Coffee Cake. She said she went on a search for the recipe and even wrote to a magazine but had no response. She said she finally found these three on her own and ''they sure sound wonderful and also sound just like what Gloria is describing,'' she said.

Connie D. Ortelli of Friedens sent in a recipe for chocolate fondue sauce and one for cheese fondue. Tips from Connie: for the leftover chocolate fondue sauce, she said it is good served over your favorite ice cream. She also said to help sauce coat ''dippers,'' place tray of fruits, cake and other ''dippers'' in the freezer for about an hour or until icy cold. Serve with warm sauce. She also sent a tip for the cheese fondue; it's also good with bite-sized pieces of French or Italian bread, lobster meat, shrimp or artichoke hearts and the recipe can be doubled. For a non-

alcoholic fondue, substitute milk or apple juice for wine. If desired, use half American and half Swiss cheese. Leftovers are good reheated and served over vegetables, toast or added to mashed potatoes, Connie said Another fondue recipe comes from Karen Landis of Nazareth. She said she used this recipe for over 30 years and everyone loves it. It comes from the Gourmet International Fondue Cookbook, 1969. Elsie Pribula of Fountain Hill sent in a Hot Shrimp Fondue dip recipe. She said it was a favorite of the Fountain Hill Beneficial Ladies Bowling Group back in the 1950s and '60s. Note: Elsie said she cuts up steak rolls in bite size pieces making sure there is a crust on each piece for dipping.