Community: Remembering Vietnam War veterans

The Don Jose Verdugo chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution has installed a display about the Vietnam War at the Glendale Central Library to honor men and women who served and the families of those who did not return, including prisoners of war and missing in action.

This display includes a proclamation from the city of Glendale and timeline posters showing the United States’ participation as early as 1954. The display encompasses the many facets of the Vietnam War using mixed media including books, DVDs, posters, popular music of the period and military figurines.

The display also highlights the Vietnam Veterans Educational Center that will be built at the Vietnam War Memorial, also referred to as the Wall, in Washington, D.C. Officials with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund are conducting a campaign to raise funds to build the center.

President Obama issued a proclamation designating the period from May 28, 2012, through Nov. 11, 2025 as the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

Members of the national Daughters of the American Revolution are encouraging local chapters to create projects that recognize veterans of the Vietnam War, said Joan Carruthers, veterans commemorative chairwoman for the Don Jose Verdugo chapter.

“The war in Vietnam was never officially declared as a war, so there is no actual date when the war began,” she said. “On Aug. 5, 1964, Congress did approve ‘all necessary action.’ Many of the members in [Daughters of the American Revolution] had husbands, children, siblings who went to Vietnam during 1963 and 1964, and our chapter is honoring all of those who served or were lost in that war with this display. We want them to know that their service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.”

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