Gangs of wrappers

NORTHWEST GLENDALE — Streets along Kenneth Village sparkled Monday morning after dozens of residents worked to clean up candy wrappers left behind by trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Residents and Hoover High School students volunteered Monday to clean up wrappers and trash dumped on neighborhood streets during the previous night's celebration.

Hundreds of trick-or-treaters frequent Kenneth Village every Halloween, hoping to pick up candy and see homes decked out in ghoulish decorations.

But while the night's activities have all been in good fun, the aftermath has provided its own scare for residents who were often stuck with the duty of cleaning up litter from neighborhood streets.

Last year, "it was so bad that you could barely see the concrete," said resident Cliff Claycomb. "It was just really kind of disgusting."

He recruited his three children to help rake up the mess, but this year, he mobilized a cleanup effort to make it more manageable.

He enlisted the aid of his neighbors and Joan Zierhut, a member of Committee for a Clean & Beautiful Glendale, secured additional help from the city's Neighborhood Services Department and nearby schools.

"I think this is a great lesson for all the kids," said resident Alis Pruett, who took her children along for the cleanup.

To reduce trash in the neighborhood, Claycomb said principals from the nearby schools agreed to remind students not to litter on Halloween.

"It really did work because there is literally half the trash that there was last year," he said.

To ensure trick-or-treaters had a place to throw their garbage, the city's Integrated Waste Management Division placed 40 trash cans on Kenneth Road from Pacific Avenue to Grandview Road, Neighborhood Services spokeswoman Sandra Rodriguez said.

Monday's post-Halloween cleanup is a first for the city, said Juan Gonzalez, Neighborhood Services program supervisor.

"This particular project shows how one individual rallied their neighbors, their schools and their city to work together," Gonzalez said. "We hope that this will inspire other people in neighborhoods throughout the city to do their own mini after-Halloween cleanups."

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