Letter: Rogers' looniness must have a reason

Re: “Letter: Video shows Gordon unfairly smears critics,” Mailbag, May 17. Donald Sterling. Will Rogers. Any difference between these two men? I don’t think so. While Sterling rages against entire groups of people, Rogers limits his outrage to Burbank Mayor David Gordon. Nevertheless, both men’s outbursts are, for a lack of a better word, loony, and I can’t help wishing that both Sterling and Rogers would just go away.

I watched Rogers’ video, which was shown during the first public comment period of the May 13 City Council meeting. Yeah, I get it that he was trying to come across as hip, slick and cool, but the video was so confusing it was impossible to understand. And his letter to the editor is just as convoluted as his video.

All I can deduce is that Sterling doesn’t like minorities and is especially jealous of Magic Johnson. And Rogers? Well, he’s a good buddy of former Councilman David Golonski, who doesn’t like Gordon and, just like Golonski, this hack won’t miss a chance to berate and belittle Gordon.

Molly Shore

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