Saige Dupont

Saige Dupont (Kerri Provost photo / October 17, 2013)

Saige Dupont
Age: 22
Occupation: Youth Arts Institute Director at Charter Oak Cultural Center
Found at: Kitchen Cafe at Hartford Public Library


How did you get here?

I was a Social Work student at St. Joe's. My first internship was at Immaculate Conception Shelter and Housing. I grew up in the woods, so I was nervous but it ended up feeling very caring and supportive. The guys were friendly. I fell in love with Hartford. Then the Charter Oak internship kind of found me. I started assisting and it worked out that I applied for the Director job when it opened up.

What do you find surprising now when you return home to rural Connecticut to visit?

How beautiful it is. I know where things are. I know where to park.

What gets you through a bad week?

Worship music. Being with friends who will be with me and pray with me

What are you doing when not at work?

Going to church. I love doing ministry and working with kids at South Church and at Church of the Living God. I grew up in a secular household but felt agnostic and started asking questions about why I'm here. I tried the Buddhist thing and meditated and loved it but there is no community. Love is selflessness, not selfishness. I've come to a place where I'm at peace without knowing about God.


Take care of kids before/after school. Be a missionary in South America for plant churches or to provide services they need.