Lighting for Changing Laws

More than 100 years after the light bulb was invented, it's being phased out for more energy efficient replacements. Now the company behind the original light dimmer is adapting to the change and showing off all the high tech ways to keep your house bright!

Come January, the incandescent light bulb will start getting phased out. Now the biggest lighitng company in America is adapting to the changes, and tech reporter Rich DeMuro hopped aboard the Lutron travelling light show bus to get a preview of what's next.

Lutron started out in 1959 with one simple product, the light dimmer. Today they're tackling changing technologies and automatic homes. Their products won't help you change a lightbulb, but at least they can help you dim it.

Since consumers will have to use more energy efficient bulbs startin 2012, slowly but surely the halogens and incandescents will slowly phased out over time.

Previously, Compact Flurescent Light [CFL] bulbs could not be dimmed, but now Lutron makes it even easier to dim them wel.

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