WEB SPECIAL: Hands on with the Vue Personal Video System
Easy as 1, 2, 3. This product by VUE is changing the way you watch your house.

This Personal Video Network is much more than just a video camera. Not only does it record; but once you set it up with your internet server, you can watch what you're capturing online and share it with anyone you choose! The best thing about this product is its wireless set up! It is the simplest way to view your family, your home, even your business if you need to. The best thing about the internet today is how much we can share with each other and the VUE Personal Video Network is making that sharing process even easier. The peel and stick magnetic mounts make the process so simple, the product comes with 4 different mounts so you can choose four areas that you would want to view and stick the mounts there. The downside is, you only get two cameras, but since the mounts are magnetic and there are no wires, changing where you want each camera is effortless. No matter what rooms you choose, the camera isn't a safety issue at all because it's magnetized to the mount and its so tiny that even if it did fall (which is unlikely) the amount of harm done would be slim to none. It's an enjoyable product for those who travel and have pets at home. They can easily log onto their accounts on myvue.com at anytime of the day and check up on the house and pets. Some might say it's a little big brother-ish but I think of it more as a personal security system! The Vue Personal Video Network is being sold for $299.99, but that is a small price to pay for the benefits you get with this product!

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