WEB SPECIAL: Hands on with FLO TV

CyberGuy Deputy Esteban


The now generation of watching television is here.

The FLO TV is a magnificent slick device that anybody can watch television on. It's small, compact, and shows great quality live streaming television right in the palm of your hands. The FLO TV has speakers on the back with a stand to where you can watch either in your hand or on a sturdy flat surface like your office desk or school desk. It has a volume and mute buttons with a head phone jack so you can either watch loudly or quietly to not disturb anyone. This summer FLO TV will be streaming future Ultimate Fighting Championship fights plus also be streaming the 2010 FIFA World Cup this summer in June. The FLO TV is a great small, sleek device that is a must for any television fanatic.

For more information, go to www.flotv.com.