The Foundry: Where Ideas Become Apps

Rich DeMuro

Promotional consideration paid for by AT&T

10:09 AM EDT, August 27, 2012


They call it the Foundry. It's a high-tech workshop that's home to AT&T's newest innovations. Taking a cue from start ups, the tech giant hopes to create big ideas, in a small space.

So what does a foundry have to do with technology?

"So if you think of a foundry it’s where you join metals together to make new substances," said Dale Malik, an AT&T Foundry representative. "Well here we join ideas together to make great things happen."

AT&T experts are on hand at the Foundry to help companies come up with apps and ideas that harness their network.

With a truly open concept, the workspace has no walls blocking the ideas from flowing.

"When people come in here they’re like what’s possible and we say well let’s find out," Malik said.

Some of those things have had a direct impact on our friends at AT&T U-Verse. Like an app from Buddy TV.

"You can just touch the button, and it’ll present the show on the television," Malik said. "You don’t know what channel it’s on, doesn’t matter, very very simple, very nice user experience."

Easy Remote is another example.

"It’s meant for customers who may have low vision, low dexterity, low hearing," said AT&T Representative, Adam Klein.

The app's highlighted features includes speaking to find what's on TV now said Klein. Viewers can look up the name of a show, and beam it display right on the their TV.

Twonky beams popular Internet videos--like those on YouTube--right to your TV screen, all without having to add additional hardware or devices.

The Foundry offers cutting edge innovation, plus a dab of the old stuff to keep it all in perspective.

For links to all of the U-verse applications available go to: