Back to School Laptops

Rich DeMuro

10:25 AM EDT, August 6, 2012


We're here with Michael Gorman of Engadget.com to check out the hottest back to school laptops all under a 1000 dollars.

Let's start with the Sony Vaio T, it comes with one of the best processors available.

“You can get all the way up to a really high speed processor and a very good track pad,” says Gorman.

Next is the Toshiba Portige Z935. At two and a half pounds, it’s a little flimsier than the other ones. But aside from that it’s really light weight, also has a good track pad and great hard button keyboards. It’s easy to lug around campus.

The Samsung Series 5 has a 14 inch screen with a drive that holds up to one terabyte of data, that's twice as much as the other laptops here.

Gorman says, “This one’s a little bit heavier, it’s a little bit thicker, beefier, but it’s got a matte display which makes it a little easier to use outside. And with the optical display you can watch movies on it which is a really nice feature too.”

In other words the bonus feature lets you pop in a DVD when you want.

The Dell XPS13 is the smallest and has the most battery life in our back to school selections with almost nine hours of power.

“It’s got really bomb proof build quality. You pick it up, it’s really solid, and it’s a good machine to be lugging around [or] throwing around campus,” explains Gorman.

The company has been making laptops for years, so they know how to do it.

Vizio also has an Ultra Thin and Light laptop. This computer is built for entertainment. It has a full HD 1080p with enhanaced intel graphics.

“They know TVs and they’ve put an excellent display in that laptop. Unfortunately it falls a little short with the keyboard,” says Gorman, “It’s not as easy to use. If you’re typing a lot of term papers and stuff, maybe not the best choice.”

Thanks to Michael Gorman of engadget.  Check out their entire back to school gadget guide at: http://www.engadget.com/backtoschool2012/