Amazon Introduces Updated Kindle Line

The Kindle continues to rank as one of Amazon’s top selling products. Now their screens are getting brighter, bigger and HD Kindle is easier to read than ever. The text is sharper and with the new Kindle Paperwhite, the screen lights up and makes for an easier read, whether in the daytime or dark.

The display is crsip all across the screen and your eyes will not strain because of the new fiber optic-like technology.

The battery now lasts for eight weeks even with the light on.

Another new feature called Time to Read tells you how long is left in the chapter based on your reading speed. It is handy if you want to finish a certain chapter before you go to sleep.

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos said, “People are going to love these products.  We’re very excited about it.”

Kindle Paperwhite is $120 for wifi and 180 for 3G.

“What’s the price for this device, with all those features? $199,” said Bezos.

Kindle Fire is going HD and there are now two sizes available.

The new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD will be $299 according to Bezos.

Storage starts at 16 gigabytes, there is also a faster processor, plus technology that makes wifi faster and more reliable. The screen also has 25 percent less glare than competing tablets. The filter on the screen seems to make a big difference.

Fire HD also adds what the first was missing, a front facing camera and Bluetooth.

Parents will love a new feature called Free Time, which lets you set limits on how long your children can read, watch movies, or play games.

A 4G LTE version of the Fire HD comes with a very competitive data plan, just 50 dollars for the year gets you 250 megabytes a month in downloads.

Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content said, “ We look at the best tablets in the market, I think everyone knows what the standard is. And our goal was to build the best tablet at any price. And we really think we’ve done that. We hope customers agree.”

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