Summer Travel Apps

Summer is coming to an end, but thanks to the Internet, there is still time to squeeze in a last minute trip.Technology and travel go hand and hand, there are even apps that can get you same day deals.

Summer is coming to an end, but thanks to apps and the Internet, there is still time to squeeze in one last minute trip with ease.

Technology and travel go hand and hand, with apps that help you plan the perfect roadtrip and new tech inside hotel rooms that help you catch and record all your favorite shows.

Travel expert, Kendra Thornton says, "I want people to know that they don’t have to be a billionaire to travel like one this summer."

Get going with, the website helps you plan the perfect route!

It has simple tools to help you discover unique points along the way like roadside art, scenic lookouts, and some offbeat attractions.

When you are ready to relax, check out Hotel Tonight, an app made for last minute travellers.

There are hotel deals in dozens of cities; take your pick from luxe, trendy, or budget.

Unsold rooms are listed at noon for savings of up to 70 percent!

Mike Powers hotel manager says, "We want as many people to come in here and enjoy it."

If you're lucky, your room might be equipped with a DVR!

Doug Eichler of DirectTV says, "So we've taken the DIRECTV experience in your home and basically replicated it in a hotel room."

It's almost like you never left the couch.

Eichler also said, "So if you miss something because you were on a business call or were in the bathroom, you can comeback, rewind, pick up on what you missed."

So far, it is available in just a handful of hotels.

For those that will get to experience it, you will love the remote. It's treated with a special surface that resists germs.

Hopefully that will help you sleep better.

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