Madden '13 Gets Fans Into the Game

Madden 13 in action.

For football fans and gamers, Madden NFL 13 is about as good as it gets without actually being on the field. The game launched this week and the company sold nearly a million copies in just 24 hours.

For fans like Redmond Dadanay, the fall brings football and for the past 13 years Madden too.

“I’ve had every version of this game since ‘99,” said Redmond.

Instead of just watching games on television, players get to immerse themselves in the action.  They can command their favorite teams and become the biggest stars on the field.

Redmond also said, “You can make them do some super human extraordinary stuff that you usually wouldn’t see them do, like on TV.”

This year’s game adds an all new feature called Infinity Engine. It uses physics and computer algorithms so no two plays are ever exactly alike.

“Essentially what it does is it uses real physics to replicate tackles. So you get crazy helicopter spinning tackles, there’s a lot more momentum in the game, and overall just a lot more realistic,” said Shane.

Shane Satterfield from says that this year’s game is not necessarily the best, but it really does not matter.

Shane said, “Madden transcends other video games, kinda no matter how good or bad it is, is a right of passage for men to buy it.”

“You definitely feel like, you know, you’re one of the players,” said Redmond.

Every year games get more realistic, you walk into the room where someone is playing the game and you can confuse it with a real game on television.

Also new this year, control plays by talking to your television with the help of Kinect. The feature is more of a novelty than actually useful.

Twitter is also implemented into the game. As the season progresses, fictional Tweets follow your team as you go along.

Shane said, “For all the wives and girlfriends out there let your men play this game it’s a right of passage they’re gonna do it for a week eventually they will come back to you.”

Madden NFL 13 is available on all major consoles for between 40 and 60 dollar. For more information visit my webpage.