Rich's Favorite Things: August Edition

It is time for the August edition of Rich’s Favorite Things. From fuzzy brainwave controlled ears to a mobile projector, these items will keep you entertained through the day.

For those who love running, sometimes it can get tough for drivers to notice you.

With the Brooks LED Hat, it features more than just bright colors and a reflector. Press a button and it lights up.

The battery lasts for 200 hours, which is good for a 30 minute run every day for a year.

Keep the sound bumping with this next favorite thing.

Jason Martin of Carbon Audio said, “It’s really about accessories.  It’s a combination of this idea and concept of ‘play loudly.”

That is exactly what you will do with Zooka.

It is a new Bluetooth speaker that wirelessly connects to your iPad, smartphone, or computer so you can rock out with lots of cool colors too.

Martin said, “It’s five times louder than the ipad itself and can fill a room with sound or a party.”

You can use it for phone calls, watching movies, and more for 100 dollars.

Another way to share your tunes are with these headphones that double as a boombox.

Boomphones have four speakers, two on the inside and two outside.

Get yourself from solitude to social in seconds for 150 dollars.

Next up, literally take your shows on the road with the Dell M110 Ultra-Mobile Projector. It is so small, it practically fits in the palm of your hand.

At 500 dollars, it is a serious investment but make one successful sales presentation with it and it will pay for all the movies you will also get to watch on it.

And finally, no hiding your feelings with these fuzzy guys.

The Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears read your mind and react.

They perk up when you are focused, wiggle when you are in the zone and drop when you are relaxed.

There is real science behind this $100 toy. Special sensors make the adorable movements possible.

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