Pledge To Never Text And Drive

Rich DeMuro

7:27 AM EDT, August 15, 2012


Texting and driving is involved in more than one-hundred thousand car accidents every year. Now one major wireless carrier wants to change that. It's a simple message - It Can Wait. No text is worth a life and AT&T wants americans to take a pledge to never text and drive ever again.

It's a simple pledge, that can mean a lot. Rising pop star Ryan Beatty is helping to tell drivers that no text is worth a life.

"I decided to take the It Can Wait pledge because I am a firm believer in not texting and driving", says Beatty, " It's very important and I truly believe in it".

Anita Gabrielian from AT&T explains, "Our goal is to save lives. We have seen the consequences which at many times can be fatal".

A quick search for distracted driver and the news is full of stories. The campaign urges drivers to actually take a pledge.

AT&T is urging drivers to go to itcanwait.org and take the pledge.

"By just taking a few seconds to take that pledge, it's actually going to be so important and save so many people's lives," says Beatty.

If you're worried about leaving your friends hanging, an app called Drive Mode can automatically let them know you're busy behind the wheel when they call or text.

The new campaign comes two years after AT&T released a gut wrenching documentary about families affected by texting accidents.

Ryan says, "It's really tempting to have your phone right there and you get a notification, but if you think about it, just taking those few seconds to just check what it is, the actual text or whatever it is, is probably not as important as your own life".

Ryan has signed the pledge before he even gets behind the wheel. He will get his license next month.