iPhone 5: Thinner, Faster and Bigger

Rich DeMuro

6:07 PM EDT, September 16, 2012


An unexpected performance by the Foo Fighters took the audience by surprise--even more than the new features of the iPhone.

It's all about speed for the new iPhone.

Though the new specs are somewhat predictable, Apple's newest iteration of its flagship device is a solid upgrade overall.

As expected, the iPhone 5 has a faster processor and 4G LTE wireless antennae, all professionally sculpted into a thinner, lighter body capped off by a new 4 inch screen.

In addition, the camera now takes panoramic pictures and even Siri received an improvement--You can now ask her to update Facebook and ask about sports.

In terms of connectivity, Apple introduced the new reversible port called "Lighting", which for new users means no wrong way to plug in to the device.

Previous iPhone users wanting to use their stock of cables and accessories will have to use a $29 adapter.

The good news, the iPhone 5 comes with a redesigned earphones called Earpods. Apples says the new earphones are designed to fit and sound better.

So, what's the verdict? 4S owners can probably skip the iPhone 5 unless the faster wireless connections are a must. Otherwise, some of the best features--like turn-by-turn navigation--will come free with the iOS6 software update in a weeks time.

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