Hot New Trend: Undies, Food & More Sent to Your Door

Monthly subscriptions delivered right to your door

From girlfriend approved clothes to a delicious meal for two. It’s the latest online trend, companies delivering unique products right to your door. There is no catch just convenience.

There are monthly clubs for just about everything these days.

Jonathan Shorkian from says, “MeUndies is an online retailer for mens and womens underwear. So you can sign up and either buy them one off or put your favorite pair on autoship.”

Look past the racy photos on their website and you will find premium underwear at half the price at about 16 bucks a pair.

Shorkian also says, “They’re really comfortable, they’re made out of micromodal which is actually a synthetic made out of beech tree. So it’s extremely breathable, really comfortable, dries really fast.”

Spruce up your wardrobe with these duds. Bombfell will send you girlfriend approved apparel.

It is 69 dollars a month and you get one shirt or pair of pants to add to your collection. If you don’t like what they send, you can’t send it back for free.

Consider yourself a foodie but don’t want to do all the cooking yourself?

David Houslaib, co-founder of the site says, “Pop-up pantry is a subscription club for food lovers so we’re delivering 3 course gourmet dinners delivered to your door for the price of take out. And each of our menus is crafted by a top chef.”

Pop-up Pantry wants to work with your palate. Just fill out a quiz that asks about your tastes and they will do the rest.

Our chefs learn about the types of food they enjoy eating, their flavor profile, what spices or allergens they may have, and then we auto recommend dishes to them based on what foods they enjoy,” says Houslaib.

You get a starter, entree, sides, and dessert for two people. It starts at 35 dollars per couple. It can be a little pricey, but it is cheaper than going out to a restaurant, beats getting takeout and it’s all gourmet.

Houslaib says, “In 30 minutes or less they can get dinner from kitchen to dining room table with our dummy proof instructions.”

Plus clean up is a cinch.
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